You are at the centre of the process. We are there to make it reach a satisfactory conclusion.

A dispute inevitably means frustration, anger and hurt plus lost sleep and missed opportunities.

You are the most important person in the mediation process. You are in control. Nothing can be agreed without your approval.

Brendan Salter is a leading independent business mediator, with experience across all levels of senior management from multi-nationals through to sole traders. He is also a successful business owner in his own right.

He qualified as an Accredited Business Mediator with the LSM (London School Mediation) seven years ago.

Every few weeks we are adding some advice about disputes and how to solve them. Just look at the below to read more.

January 2018-A simple phrase that is so true

The one thing that we find happens in many cases is people don't listen. They have their own view and that's all they think about. The phrase that comes to mind is 'Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.' Our advice is to try to understand from both sides. Do that and you are halfway towards solving a problem.

For a copy of our latest brochure just send us an email.

Latest News

2nd December 2018 As we move towards the end of the year planning a few changes for 2019, look out for more news on this

25th November 2018 Go to the About Brendan Salter page and hear my recent interview on Wessex FM

25th October 2018 Resolved a complicated employment issue that was heading for court. Happy client.

20th September 2018 Got to the result we all wanted on a family business dispute. Business as usual!

3rd August 2018 I have been running a series of short introductions to Business Mediation for HR Companies and HR Managers re employment issues either at their offices or in mine. If you would like to know more about them or book a meeting get in touch. They are free, short, informative and well received.

4th July 2018 Interesting mediation where a property investor was going to sue his conveyancer for not getting a stamp duty payment correct resulting in a large three-figure sum having to be claimed back from HMRC. Settlement reached but proved to be a very delicate mediation.

5th June 2018 Complicated case with a commercial property landlord and tenant over outstanding rent resolved and costly court and legal costs avoided

2nd May 2018 Just starting a construction mediation with a major South West company. A lot of money involved and one of my largest cases to date. Sorry, no names, no detail due to confidentiality.

3rd April 2018 Just finished an employment mediation with a public sector organisation.Long and complicated but arrived at a great outcome for all. Sorry, no names no detail due to confidentiality.

1st February 2018 Attending a personal development course over the next three days, a great way to start 2018, learning additional skills. However much experience you have, you can always learn new ways to bring clients together.

12th January 2018 At the end of 2017 we ran a LinkedIn article about how people need to listen more, based on the phrase 'Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.' That single article had close to 8,000 viewings across the world. It's such a great phrase-if only we would all listen more.

2nd January 2018 Happy New Year from all at Salter Business Mediation. If you are involved in any sort of dispute, mediation can save you the time, stress and costs of a court case. Just get in touch to find out more.

20th December 2017 Merry Christmas from all of us at Salter Business Mediation and we look forward to talking again early in the new year.

November 2017-Donating to the Dorset Mind Charity Auction

Delighted to be donating to the David Upshall/Dorset Mind Charity Auction on Thursday, 9th November 2017. It's a great cause and its good to see support coming to West Dorset. Workplace stress is something we see a lot of, and help needs to be available asap.

September 2017-Supporting SWEF 2017

Pleased to announce we are one of the backers of the South West Economic Forum being held at the George Albert Hotel, near Evershot on 4th October. Around 150 leading local business people will be there. The main sponsors are Milsted Langdon, Porter Dodson and NatWest. If you will be there come along and say hello.

August 2017- Brendan Salter expands services to fit new demand

We have just launched a new service to satisfy a growing demand. As well as handling a range of cases where we bring the parties together to find a solution to business disputes and avoid court action, we are now offering a telephone mediation service for smaller disputes of up £2,500. Said Brendan Salter, "I've been getting requests from local businesses asking if I could help with smaller but still damaging disputes, so have come up with a simple, low-cost package that includes time researching the issues, followed by an agreed time when I call each party individually to find a resolution. The process can take a number of calls to each side, but should not take more than one hour."

July 2017

I recently attended a major US conference that looked at mediation and how to use it. The key points that came out were that problem-solving skills are key and equal to understanding the law. Also, client interests and needs are usually much broader than just the legal issues. Understanding personal, professional and commercial factors is also vital. Nothing is just black and white, and adaptability plus flexibility are key attributes. Solutions come from creative thinking and questioning.That's what mediation is all about.

June 2017

Our latest mediation tip is now on line. This month we cover how mediation can help with workplace stress

May 2017

Our latest mediation tip is now on this site. This time it's about Brexit and changes in the law.

April 2017

Our new look website is now fully operational. This new look site is now mobile friendly so you can view the site on your desktop, mobile and pad. More things will be added over the coming weeks so keep looking.

December 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues. See you all in 2017.

September 2016

We announce another success. A while back we had a case involving a son and daughter-in-law working in the family business. They wanted to develop the business and put their mark on it, but were held back by the parents (owners) who had lovingly crafted it on a safe path and were nervous of change. The rift was growing, and so was the stress with a split looking possible. Early (but it could have been earlier) intervention came to the rescue. We brought everyone together and came up with a way forward that involved a new Heads of Agreement that satisfied both generations. A Partnership agreement was then drawn up. That was just over two years ago. Brendan visited them at the beginning of September and discovered that the partnership is thriving - everyone is pulling together in the same direction. This is one of the most rewarding cases we have been involved in.

August 2016

Our new brochure is now printed-if you would like a copy sent to you just get in touch. It's also on this website. Just click on the link on the Home page to read it.

July 2016

Just finished a photo session producing some new images for our brochure. As soon as the brochure is ready we will put a copy this website.

May 2016

Helped resolve two major cases in the last week of the month. One was a shareholder dispute and the other a landlord disagreement. Highest number of cases this month since we started.

April 2016

We have updated our brochure. Just click on the link on our Home page to see the latest version.

March 2016

Our latest emailed newsletter is out on Monday, 7th March. If you didn't get a copy let me know and I'll add you to the list..

February 2016

Attended a highly informative Accredited Media Course arranged by the London School of Mediation.

January 2016

Successful conclusion to a difficult London based dispute. Again mediation brought two parties together and found a way to solve the problem without the stress, time and costs of a court case.

December 2015

Just finished a two-day course in London. A great way to finish what has been a great year. I'd like to wish all my friends and contacts a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

November 2015

Here's four examples of disputes we have recently been asked to work on.

Case 1: Estate Agent who had a contractual issue with seller who reneged on sale

Case 2: Warehouse alleged change of use and boundary dispute

Case 3: Marketing brief misinterpreted- reputation and cost issues.

Case 4: Employer/employee trust and confidence broken

October 2015

Our latest mailer has just gone out to the new members of Dorset Chamber of Commerce. Some interesting facts showing the advantages of mediation over the costs and stress of a court appearance.

June 2015

Look out for the June edition of Dorset Business News. We have our own flyer inserted with special terms for the Dorset Chamber members.

May to June 2015

In the four weeks have been appointed to handle five new cases.

January to March 2015

So far this year Brendan has attended conferences and seminars covering the following:

  • How to communicate the What and How of Mediation
  • Professional standards
  • The art of understanding people and cultures
  • Discrimination - real or implied - detecting the unspoken
  • Three classic mediation cases-what can be learned, role play discussion and analysis.

March 2015

Presented the SBM video at the month Dorchester Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Very positive response.

February 2015

Invited to give two talks on Mediation - covering some of the following:

  • The Courts Mediation systems / Telephone Mediation / Face to Face with the Mediator Mediation
  • Main types of Mediation - Business / Commercial / Civil / Family
  • Styles of Mediation / Evaluative / Transformative / Facilitative
  • Alternatives to Mediation / Arbitration / Law Courts
  • How they differ / the Advantages and Disadvantages

January 2015

We are sponsoring the Dorchester Chamber monthly breakfast where we are showing our latest video

November 2014

Brendan Salter elected to the Executive Committee of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce

October 2014

Our new video which explains how the mediation process works is now on the About Mediation page. The three-minute video explains how mediation works and how both parties can reach a conclusion. We hope you find it useful.

September 2014

Brendan Salter is a keen member of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and was recently at their events at Kingston Maurward College near Dorchester and the Hotel De Vin in Poole. These pictures appeared in the Dorset Business newspaper just after the events.

September 2014

Coming soon... our video that shows how mediation can save you time, money and stress. The video will be launched on this website. Watch this space.

June 2014

Watch out for our mailer going out this summer to businesses across Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

March 2014

Our latest brochure is now available to read online. Just click on the below.

February 2014

Brendan Salter was invited to speak at the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast. Fifty business people heard how mediation could save time, stress and money. The presentation was also covered by the Dorset Echo. Below is a photo of Brendan during the presentation.

December 2013

Our new mediation brochure is released. Just send an email and we will post a copy to you.

November 2013

Completed mediation for Dorset Mediation with a successful outcome. A difficult case but we succeeded.

Attended Dorchester Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Also agreed to sponsor their January 2014 breakfast.

October 2013

Our new website is launched.

September 2013

See our monthly ads on the front page of the Axminster, Seaton, Honiton, Colyton, Ottery and Sidmouth Pulman Newspapers

August 2013 - Mediation Self Help Guide Released

We have produced our own Mediation Self Help Guide. It's free and tells you how to use mediation yourself as a first stage to solving any problems.

June 2013 - Our new Mediation flyer is ready

We have produced a new flyer that tells you more about Salter Mediation. It starts being sent out early in July to the Honiton area before going to other areas over the next few months. If you would like a copy sent to you just let us know.

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